Monday, September 19th through Friday, December 9th, 2022

Monday, January 9th through Friday, March 31st, 2023

What better way for your child to discover the joy of learning as through attending fun and enriching classes!

We provide our little ones with a safe environment where they can learn, discover & grow.

Try new activities for your child, meet new friends, and enjoy time at The Play Lab.​

We believe that our classes can be a great support for children,

creating a space where they can be who they really are.

We make it easy with our multiple class options. Check it out and join us!

Amazing Toddler Classes: Music with Jazz Baby Music,

Little Gym with Fitness Adventure, Sensory-Play Speech with Key to Growth Therapy, Spanish with Nueva York Kiddos,

French for Little Ones with Magda Lahliti, the owner of The Play Lab! 

Ages: 6 months old up to 4 years old

(see below for details!)

8-week, 10-week or 12-week class session (8, 10 or 12 classes, 45 min each): 9:15 am - 10 am

(Spanish 12 classes, 30 min each): 9:30 am - 10 am

You can choose one or up to five days a week

10% off for 5 days-a-week plus one free open play 2-hour session

Amazing teachers and class curriculums! Check our teachers' bios

Parent/guardian participation required

Drop-in class option depends on availability

Sibling discount available

Maximum children per class: 10-12

Special price for open play 2-hour session right after the class - $15 per day, $120 per 12-week class session 


Drop-in 45-min class session: $40 or $35 (30 min Spanish)

12-Week session: (45 min class once a week): $420 ($35 per class)

12-Week session Spanish: (30 min class once a week): $360 ($30 per class)

10-Week session Sensory-Play Speech: (45 min class once a week): $450 ($45 per class)

8-Week session Sensory-Play Speech: (45 min class once a week): $360 ($45 per class)


Music Class


6 moths old - 3 years old

This 45-minute class with Jazz Baby Music meets once a week and is intended for children 6+ months old.  Smaller children enjoy watching the bigger kids have fun. Music supports sensory development, improves numeracy and literacy, enhances mood, helps build coordination, and develops vocabulary. 

Our music class is a perfect way to keep your child engaged in fun activities while providing a strong foundation for early development. Parent/guardian participation is required.


Sensory-Play Speech

18 months old - 30 months old

If you want to learn about early speech and language development and how to support your child, Sensory-Play Speech is for you. Led by two speech and language therapists, with over 20 years of combined experience, you will be provided with specific techniques to get your little one communicating while engaging in pretend play and sensory play. Together we will practice speech-language skills while getting messy with a variety of sensory-play experiences that facilitate turn-taking, sharing, requesting, and interaction. This class is kept small in order to provide hands-on support and guidance. Join us in this stepping stone class to learn how to support your child’s ongoing speech and language development while having fun! Parent or caregiver participation is required.


Little Gym


18 months old - 3 years old

Little Gym class with Fitness Adventures promotes early fitness development and provides a strong foundation for your child’s critical first three years. Fun, innovative exercises will help children become more “fit” through gymnastics, movement, and yoga. We'll work on fine-tuning gross motor skills including coordination, balance, and agility through the use of footwork, body movement, and balance exercises. Children will have fun with obstacle courses, jumps, kicks, snake movements, and more! Parent/guardian participation is required.




6 months old - 3 years old

Spanish class with Nueva York Kiddos is a 30 minutes session that meets once a week. The language classes for toddlers are crucial to language development, as it is the critical period and therefore the most successful time for language development. Also, we will be introducing children to a new language with the comfort of their guardians’ presence. Kids will learn and practice basic vocabulary through songs, fun games, stories and a bit of yoga! Parent/guardian participation is required.


French for Little Ones

8 months old - 3 years old

French for Little Ones is a 45 minutes French discovery class for babies and toddlers from 8 months up to 3 years old. Through playful and stimulating songs and movements, incorporating puppets, shakers, pictures and more, children learn the French language vocabulary (greetings, colors, numbers, parts of the body etc.) and pronunciation.

This class is open to all children, English and French speaking, no prior knowledge of French is required. 





  • Tuesday through Friday classes are good for ages 18 months old up to 3 years old.

  • Children as young as 6+ months are invited to join our Monday music class. Smaller children will enjoy watching the bigger kids have fun. 

  • Each class is a 45 minutes long.

  • Spanish classes are for children 6+ months and are 30 minutes long.

  • Drop-in class and semester options available. Drop-in sessions subject to availability.

  • Sibling discount available.

  • Adult participation required.

  • Face masks are optional at this time for children and adults.

  • No refunds for any classes.