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Alonzo Hillman is a dedicated fitness instructor for children and adults of all ages. With a background in psychology and sociology in early childhood development, he's also an exciting guru in the world of fitness development. Alonzo thrived in sports and teaching which motivated him to pursue the wellness programs at Fitness Adventures for Kids. He works primarily in the community of NYC, hand-and-hand with preschools through his programming in the tri-state area and partners with companies to curate a better essential gym program for preschools through NYC. Fitness Adventures for Kids administers excitable workouts and long-term teachable lessons for every student in the program with a kind friendly face, supportive and understanding language to give every student confidence in his programs. 


Alonzo teaches classes: Little Gym Class



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For Rose, teaching has always been a part of her life. It is as organic as her love for children, which is why she has dedicated her career to guiding and enlightening these little learners. Her classes are guided by the gentle philosophy of Reggio Emilia. Founded by education pioneer Loris Malaguzzi, this holistic, self-paced and experiential approach to learning is built on 3 core principles: child-led, teacher-guided and environment-focused. Children inherently have innate curiosity and limitless ways to express themselves through playing, exploring and speaking. By allowing them to lead their activities and engage with new and different elements outside of a traditional classroom, they are able to expand their growth and communication while acquiring a greater understanding of their environment. Classes focus on a guiding force - supporting and encouraging your child through their unique journey of exploration and discovery.

Rose teaches Sensory Class

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