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We are happy to announce that we have added a new service at The Play Lab!

After school program Winter/Spring 2024 semester session!

This program is an extension of Play Kids After School Program, well recognized and the most popular program in the neighborhood!

We are offering new classes and new curriculum for just one group of students, with school pick up and drop off option.

And what's the most important the program is based on years of experience at Play Kids

and your students will have a chance to meet our stellar and experienced Play Kids staff.

So now you have even more choice to plan your child's afternoon activities!

Tuesday, January 2, 2024 - Friday, June 21, 2024

Registration for Winter/Spring 2024 semester is split by schools, classes and ages.

Please choose a correct listing with your school number, class name and age in the subject.

If your school is not listed on our website and you are interested in a drop off option,

please contact our team directly at or choose a drop off listing to register.


We also added a drop-in after school afternoon option - available only as a drop off at The Play Lab.

This give you an option to try all of our classes. Choose days that fit your family schedule

and register for different classes every week! Registration 1 day in advance is required.


After School


We are happy to be offering a 5 days a la carte after school session. You can choose up to 5 days at The Play Lab or combine two programs The Play Lab and Play Kids.

Classes offered at The Play Lab: Parkour Fitness Fun, Modern Dance, Let's Get Crafty Handbuilding, Kitchen Stem Experiments and Masterbuilder 3D Artwork.

You can choose school pick up option or drop off option.


Registration by Schools

or Drop Off/Drop-In

We are offering a few spots for school pick up from one of the schools in the neighborhood - PS31, PS34, PS110.

If your school is not on the list register for a drop off option! Our program begins at 3 pm and runs until 6 pm.


Play Kids

After School

If you're looking for different classes or French immersion, we've got you covered! Check our well recognized and the most popular after school program - Play Kids. Choose classes a la carte. We are offering Play Kids, Fun in French, Native Speakers programs with a variety of fun classes. Programs are available with school pick up or drop off options.

Rules & Policies

  • Registration is required to secure your child's spot in the program.

  • Commitment to the full semester is required.

  • Payment in full or in an installment plan.

  • Installment plan doesn't entitle you to cancel the program while the semester is in session.

  • Installment payments are processed on the 1st of each month.

  • Program runs from 2:30-6 PM daily.

  • School pick up 2:30-3 PM (or as per school's dismissal time).

  • Drop off at The Play Lab 2:50-3 PM daily.

  • Parents/guardians and non-essential visitors are not permitted in the building.

  • Drop-off and/or pick-up will occur outside of the building (at the entrance).

  • Parents must agree to The Play Lab's after school general policies.

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