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FOUNDER: Magda Lahliti (Founder/Owner/Operator)

A native of Strasbourg, France, Magda is the Brooklyn pioneer of low-stimulation play spaces designed to promote the healthy development of children’s cognitive functions, waste-free children’s birthday parties, and wrap-around educational services in side-by-side businesses, The Play Lab (ages 6 months-7 years) and Play Kids (ages 4-8).

A BIPOC Brooklyn mom, Magda combines her Master’s in Law with 15 years of experience as a Montessor-trained educator and language-specialist to create early educational learning and play centers that are exceptionally unique and rich spaces for children and their families. Magda’s core values that she brings to all her businesses are diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, and community. Her drive to serve her community has led her to create several popular Brooklyn institutions including language school for all ages, Learn French Brooklyn, and beloved French-Immersion Montessori preschool, French for Little Ones


Magda’s experience as an educator and a mom inspired her to create Play Kids, a high-quality educational center for children 4-8 that would offer everything she’d wished she could provide for her son when he was younger – and in one space: language, art, stem-based, and sports classes, as well as a day camp, and birthday party space in a Montessori environment where creativity, curiosity, and hands-on learning were prioritized alongside excellence-in-learning. 


Responding to a need in her community for an early educational center, a peaceful yet stimulating play space where families could gather together year-round knowing their young ones were in the best possible environment, she created The Play Lab, now Brooklyn’s premier center for early childhood offerings. A unique nature-inspired play space and home of The Nest, a morning separation class for parents and tots ages 2-3.5, open play and enrichment classes prepare tots for future social and learning environments. Magda’s commitment to sustainability and healthy childhood function mean that only “green” toys (toys free from toxic chemicals) are used, carefully sourced from worldwide companies. The Play Lab’s toys are so popular, they will be available for rental via toy-library shortly.


Rushing to different places for her son, Magda wished there was one unified place where he could both play and attend a variety of classes. With that in mind, she built The Play Lab directly adjacent to Play Kids so parents could conveniently drop siblings at either space and easily move between them for different offerings. Magda’s journey as both an entrepreneur and a mom has inspired her to offer adult classes with drop-off childcare, and (mindful of how hard we struggle to make time for ourselves) Movie Nights with drop-off care. For more ways of how The Play Lab and Play Kids give back to the community or for Free Upcoming Community Events, click here.

Magda teaching the class.
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